End Of The Line For Paris Climate Talks

Climate Farce in Paris….


By Paul Homewood

cartoon paris inside_1449731226


If the Paris talks fail to come up with anything meaningful, which appears likely, we can thank the New York Times for the above cartoon!

Unsurprisingly, the Indians themselves are furious, as the India Times reports:

The New York Times has sparked off a controversy. In a recently published cartoon, the daily has mocked the stand India took at the Paris Climate Conference.

The cartoon depicts India as an elephant which is on a railway track, blocking a train named ‘Paris Climate Summit’.

During the summit India had positioned itself as the champion of developing nations, posing a challenge to policies of the developed countries much to the displeasure of the western block.

This is not the first time that New York Times have triggered controversy over its depiction of India. Last October the newspaper had generated massive outrage in India after a cartoon mocked India’s…

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