Injunction Sought to Protect Neighbours’ Health from Wind Farm Noise

Victims of the Wind Scam are Fighting Back! Now Asking for a Court Injunction!


insomnia Health Board aims to prevent the damage before it’s done.


A couple of weeks back we covered the story from South Plymouth, Massachusetts, where the Bourne Board of Health is asking selectmen to authorize Town Counsel Robert S. Troy to request a court injunction — expressly to halt the construction of a threatened wind-farm. The action is grounded in ‘noise nuisance’, which we covered in detail in the same post (and which we cover again below):

Injunction Sought to Prevent Wind Farm Noise Nuisance: Local Health Body Takes Wind Power Outfit to Court

Urged on by potential local victims who are unwilling to end up as wind industry ‘road-kill’, the Board got the thumbs-up from their Lawyer to file for an injunction to prevent the damage to their constituents’ health, wealth and happiness.

Bourne selectmen approve legal action to stop Plymouth turbines
Cape Cod Times
Madeleine List
1 December…

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