Today Tonight Reports on South Australia’s Wind Power Policy Disaster

Wonderful to see the Aussies go after the Windweasels!!!


waterloo Pointless power source: Waterloo’s community destroyers.


South Australia is where the Australian wind industry meets its ‘Waterloo’ – which is fitting in its way: one of SA’s worst public health disasters began at Waterloo in 2010 – when 37 Vesta’s V90s (3MW monsters) spun into gear.

From then on, the incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound these things cast over a distance of 10km has destroyed the ability of dozens of families to sleep, live in and otherwise enjoy their very own homes.

Channel Seven’s Today Tonight was on to that community calamity very early on, including coverage exposing the South Australian EPA’s bend-over-backwards efforts to fudge noise data and to otherwise help its wind industry mates to cover up health effects – such as sleep deprivation – so obviously caused by excessive night-time noise:

Health Impacts of Waterloo Wind Farm

Channel Seven’s Today Tonight is the must-watch…

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