Irish Gunmen Raise Arms & Kill Off Threatened Ulster Wind Farm

Victims Fighting Back… Windweasels Wonder Why?


alexandersite Ulster Wind Developer cuts hasty retreat …


The six counties that comprise what’s referred to as Northern Ireland have had what might be described as a ‘colourful’ history.

A little like the Middle East – where the past is never past – protagonists and antagonists have sought to lay blame and fault on each other – in an endless cycle of “no, you started it”; “NO, YOU started it” – tit-for-tat – accusations and admonitions, for centuries.

Many Nationalists (who are mostly Catholics) view the Battle of the Boyne in 1690 as ‘the end of days’; whereas Loyalists (mostly Protestants) still regard it as a cause for celebration; banging drums and marching down the streets of Belfast and Derry; much to the annoyance of Nationalists – noisy summertime parades that have often ended in violent riots.

Paramilitary forces, of both persuasions, grew up quickly (in both numerical strength and…

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