Illinois Appeals Board Slams 127 Turbine Wind Farm Proposal Due to Excess Noise Health Effects & Loss of Neighbours’ Property Values

Illinois Wind Turbine Project Refused because of NOISE!!


lake winds Whatever could it be that’s killing their ability to sleep??


It doesn’t usually take the law long to catch up with good old common sense, as this decision by Illinois’ Bureau County Zoning Board of Appeals attests.

Zoning board denies wind turbines applications
Bureau County Republican
Barb Amrein
30 December 2015

Bureau County Zoning Board of Appeals finds application to build 127 industrial wind turbines should be denied as it endangers the public health and will cause property value loss to neighbors

After 40 days of hearings, the Bureau County Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) recommended denial of all of the 127 applications of Walnut Ridge Wind LLC (WRW) to build industrial wind turbines. The ZBA considered the testimony of dozens of witnesses and experts on the impacts of such turbines. Six different people who live near projects in Illinois and Wisconsin testified the turbines cause extreme noise, flickering…

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