Wind Turbines and Human Rights

Residents in All Countries, Must Fight for Protection from Windpushers…

The Law is my Oyster

scream at turbine

Many people harp on about their human rights but I am always amazed that most people do not know of the extent of their rights or where they come from.


If you are an Irish citizen then a lot of your human rights should come from our Constitution, the so-called ‘fundamental rights’:
Right to a fair trial (Article 38.1)
Equality before the law (Article 40.1)
Right to life (Article 40.3)
Right to liberty (Article 40.4)
Right to freedom of expression, assembly and association (Article 40.6.1)
Protection of the family (Article 41),


In addition, the Irish Courts have interpreted the Constitution as including certain human rights. These are referred to as ‘unenumerated rights’, which means that although they are not specifically set out in so many words, it is possible to find them ‘between the lines’ of the Constitution. These include:

Right to bodily integrity
Right to freedom from…

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