‘Green’ Hypocrisy: the Wind Industry’s State-Sanctioned Eagle Slaughter

Wind weasels Slaughter Eagles, with Impunity!


dead-baldeagle02 American Icon becomes wind industry ‘road-kill’.


The wind-worship cult, whether those wallowing in the subsidy trough or the political enablers that do their paymasters’ bidding by keeping the trough full-to-overflowing have one consistency of thought and action: and that’s a callous disregard for wind farm neighbours – be they clad in cloth, leather or feathers.

Their malice knows no bounds and is universal:

Environment Minister, Greg Hunt Backs Slaughter of ‘Protected’ Eagles With Taxpayer Underwritten ‘Loans’ for Wind Farms

The industry’s parasites and spruikers turn themselves in ideological knots as they grapple with images of protected avian species, including majestic raptors – of the kind that grace flags, notes and coins: –


… piling up as splattered and dismembered carcasses, strewn across wind farms, all over the World:

eagle 1

The wind-worship cultist – who occupies some other ‘reality’ – hates being confronted with the fact that these things are responsible…

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