Australian Power Retailers Deliver Fatal Blow to Wind Industry with Mass Solar Roll-Out

Wind is Novelty Energy. Not for Prime Time!


solar-panels-at-Nyngan Collecting RECs for the time being …


STT has been pointing out for sometime now, the fact that Australia’s big 3 power retailers have been refusing to ‘play ball’ with beleaguered wind power cowboys, like near-bankrupt, Infigen and the union super fund backed disaster, Pacific Hydro.

Commercial retailers have not entered any power purchase agreements with wind power outfits, since about November 2012; and have made it very clear that they have no intention of doing so, any time soon.

As we noted back in September last year – Let the Sun Shine In: Australia’s BIGGEST Power Retailer Determined to Kill Wind Power – Australia’s big retailers had created a strategy that would kill 2 birds with one well-aimed stone. The first victim on their radar being the wind industry in Australia; and the second glittering prize, the completely unsustainable Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target.

Here’s how the strategy…

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