Germans Gear Up to Fight the Windweasels, Politically!

German Opposition to Wind Farms Spawns New Political Party

German wind farm

Remember all the guff about Germans loving wind power to bits?

And stories about how Germany is the wind power pioneer, and that its cheerful rural volk are 100% behind having thousands of these things speared all over their bucolic homeland?

No? We’ve forgotten them too.

German wind farm neighbours suffer from incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound – just as they do all around the World:

Germans Driven from their Homes by Wind Turbine Generated Infrasound

So, it’s no surprise that there are more than 500 well-organised groups fighting back against ‘green’/left lunancy – in an effort to protect their homes, their health and their families.

What, to date, has been a reactionary force sprouting up in regions set upon by the wind industry, has now coalesced into a full-blown system of political opposition; and has just given rise to a political party aimed at bringing the great German wind power fraud to an end. Here’s another story you won’t see in the mainstream press from NoTricksZone.

Rapidly Evolving Protest: German Wind Energy Opponents Form Political Party In Response To A Deaf System
Pierre L. Gosselin
25 January 2016

Not a single one of Germany’s established political parties officially opposes the construction of wind parks despite all the proof of their inefficiency, hazard to health and wildlife, ugliness, and lack of economy.

As a consequence, a growing number of citizens are becoming fed up with a political system that has become deaf to the concerns of citizens. Some 10 years ago what once began as a huge welcome of “green and clean” wind energy, has since turned into fierce protest – and is now developing into organized political opposition.

North Germany’s online daily here reports how in the state of Mecklenburg Western Pomerania citizen initiative groups against ugly wind parks are taking their protest activity to a whole new level: the formation of a political party to be on the ballot in September’s state elections. In summary environmentalist citizens have had it with the green-preaching parties who refuse to listen and have allowed themselves to be corrupted by Big Wind.

The name of the citizens’ initiative, which comprises some 50 smaller initiatives statewide, is called “Freier Horizont” (Free Horizon) and it plans to be on the ballot under the same name in this fall’s election.

Deaf political system

The reason the Freier Horizont is forming a political party? The quotes initiative’s chairman Norbert Schumacher:

Currently there is no democratic party which rejects the uncontrolled expansion of wind power that people can elect.”

The hardest hit of course will be the region’s Green Party as disenchanted environmentalist realize that the Greens have long sold out to profiteering wind energy opportunists. The movement led by the Freier Horizont is taking on formidable dimensions. The writes:

“Schumacher sees voter potential foremost in the countryside. At many places citizens have had the experience that there voices against wind turbines carry no weight with the deciding committees. Last year the protest group gathered more than 22,000 signatures in a short time in support of a citizens’ initiative calling for greater distances between turbines and homes and coastlines. The state parliament rejected the initiative.”

Initiative leaders tell the that it was never their intention to form a party. However, elected officials simply just don’t listen anymore.

angry german kid


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