Huron County to Formally Record Health Effects Caused by Wind Farm Noise & Vibration

A Small First Step in the Right Direction!


insomnia Time to properly record their suffering …


When lawyers, and after them, historians, write up the story of how graft and corruption paved the way for the willful ignorance (by then viewed as malign acquiescence) of the political enablers of the great wind power fraud, whole chapters will be devoted to their deliberate efforts to prevent the evidence being gathered, that ultimately resulted in legal claims running into the hundreds of $millions.

Those claims will have been successfully made in negligence – against public officials, developers’ acoustic consultants; and for noise nuisance against developers and their turbine hosts – with injunctions ordered to prevent further harm, and substantial damages awarded for depriving thousands of the right to sleep, live in and otherwise use and enjoy their very own homes and properties, due to turbine generated incessant low-frequency noise and infrasound (see our post here).

What will astonish successful…

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