Residents of Huron County, Living Near Wind Turbines, Must Read This!

Patti Kellar, from Huron County, shares news about an investigation into health complaints, regarding the noise and vibrations from wind turbines.
Dear Members of the Community,
Your descriptions of the impact on your health and the loss of quality of life for you and your family from the wind turbine project have finally been heard.
Dr. Owen, the Medical Officer of Health for Huron County has authorized an investigation into determining if the source of the health concerns can be considered a health hazard.  Dr. Erica Clark, the Epidemiologist, is the person who will be organizing and conducting the survey to gather evidence, the first step in the investigation.  
Dr. Clark has described this investigation in the following way:
 “We’re treating it as a potential health hazard investigation… exactly as if it were a food disease outbreak or a cancer cluster” .
We can’t stress enough what a breakthrough this is for the Huron County Health Unit, the first one in Ontario, to pursue an investigation but it requires the involvement of all of you who have been impacted. 
If you or your family members are experiencing any of the impacts associated with the wind turbines, you are asked, even strongly encouraged, to register with the Huron County Health Unit. Information on how to do this is contained in the email below. 
Your personal experience of living with wind turbine noise, vibration, body sensations etc, needs to be collected in a systematic way. This systematic approach is the only way that a conclusion to this investigation can be called  “evidence based’ and thus the only way, based on this evidence for any action to be taken.
 Your contribution is vitally important.
There will be a commitment of time (the researcher recognizes the time must be short to accommodate people’s active lives) to record on a daily basis using a paper or online survey. So people who don’t choose computer access, may use the paper form.
To register at the Health Unit, the process is described below. Then, within our own community, we would arrange a meeting of registrants, sometime mid to later April, to discuss what will be involved and to clarify the process.
Providing a response to this email would let us know how to contact you when that meeting is arranged. 
We ask that you register with the Health Unit, as early as possible. The survey will not be launched until May but they need to register the participants to be ready for this time.
Our local meeting of participants will be after your registration, mid to later April and before May launch. Just to remind you that to know who to contact to let you know of date and place of the local meeting, you would need to reply to this email.
Be assured that your information is confidential within the health unit.
We recognize that this is a sensitive topic for our community. It will take courage and perseverance on your part to be involved but it is a means to take back your control over what is important to all of us, our health and the health of our families and friends. 
Thank you for your participation.
On behalf of the Group of Concerned Citizens in Huron County
Jeanne Melady
Gerry Ryan 
Following is the email from the Huron County Health Unit:
Thank you for your interest in the Huron County Health Unit wind turbine investigation.


Registration for the investigation will be available on the Huron County Health Unit website,


We will not be contacting anyone about the investigation until after the online complaint tracking form is launched in May 2016.


Huron County residents who do not have internet access will be able to register for the paper version of the survey by calling the Huron County Health Unit at 519-482-3416.


Please note that only Huron County residents will be able to participate in the wind turbine investigation.


Thank you again for your interest in this survey.




Angela Sturdy
Executive Assistant
Huron County Health Unit
77722B London Rd, RR #5
Clinton, ON  N0M 1L0
Toll-free 1.877.837.6143

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