Schism on the Left: James Hansen’s climatic ‘canon’ gets fired from a cannon

Climate Scam….

Watts Up With That?

With apologies to CannonLady Jennifer-Schneider With apologies to CannonLady Jennifer-Schneider

I never thought the day would come that I’d be reposting something from David Appell. Yet, here I am, in agreement with him. I keep looking over my shoulder for a lurking quantum singularity or some other such rift in the fabric of spacetime. Appell writes on Quark Soup (bold mine, h/t to Dr. Ryan Maue):

Hyping Hansen’s Paper

Eric Holthaus at Slate wrote:

I’m sorry, but this is complete bullshit.

No single paper, by Hansen or anyone else, becomes part of the “canon” a day after it is published. (Nor does it based on the version published in July of last year.)

I haven’t even read the new version of Hansen et al in detail yet. But it is certainly not part of the canon, for the same reason that a play of Shakespeare’s wasn’t part of the literary canon less than…

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