Stop These Things & Stop the Slaughter of Endangered Brolgas

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There are few campaigners who can match Victorian Western District farmer and grazier, Hamish Cumming for courage and sheer determination.

Hamish is a true environmentalist – his love of endangered brolgas and his sterling efforts to prevent them being sliced and diced by these things, has made him a true Victorian legend.  Hamish has served it up to Green’s Senator, Richard ‘Die Nasty’ and his wind industry backers – who all seem to think that rank hypocrisy is the new “black” (see our post here).

And – for years – Hamish has been on the war path about endemic, institutional corruption within the Victorian Planning Department and – the grubbiest of them all – the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE).

Hamish has uncovered the fact that, in order to help their wind industry ‘mates’ get planning applications over the line, those involved have actively removed data detailing…

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