Tasmania’s LRET Inflicted Power Crisis: its 308 MW of Wind Power Capacity Deemed Utterly Worthless

Wind Turbines…. useless!


diesel generators UK The boxes are green ….


Lunatics, like those that people Australia’s Labor Party and the so-called ‘Greens’, continue to delude themselves that, not only is wind power a ‘meaningful’ power generation source, but also that, if we would all simply have faith and ‘believe’, our modern, first world economies could be run entirely upon the whims of the Wind Gods.

South Australia, an economic basket case that took up the ‘faith’ back in 2002, now enjoys the ignominy of having an unstable grid – prone to mass blackouts whenever its wind power output plummets – businesses grappling with another 90% hike in power prices (with worse to come); and a forward spot price of over $90 per MWh, more than double what their neighbours in Victoria will be paying.

Tasmania, half of which is a National Park, with most of the balance devoted to organic berry farms and…

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