How Wind Farm Developers Use Taxpayer Subsidies to Steal Homes & Gag Their Victims

Bribes from the Windweasels….Dancing with the Devil….


thief It’s OK, the Federal Government pays me to steal them…


In Australia, the wind industry is designed to be the beneficiary of $3billion a year in subsidies, paid for by a Federal Tax on all power consumers. Here’s some of what it does with that money.

Wind funds used to buy neighbours’ silence
The Australian
Graham Lloyd
29 March 2016

Wind farm developers are offering tens of thousands of dollars in one-off and annual payments to neighbouring properties in a new bid to silence objectors and help break the funding drought for renewable energy investments.

Developers claim the offers are an attempt to combat jealousy between neighbours over personal cash benefits but affected residents claim it is an offer to “share and shut up”.

Landowners who accept the lengthy contracts must agree to allow the wind farm projects to exceed their permit conditions on noise levels, shadow flicker and…

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