Amperage Affected By Proximity to Wind Turbines…


Ontario Farmer   Tuesday, April 6, 2016 Edition  Pg. 7




Dear editor:

After reading your article on wind turbine health, I felt compelled to pass on something I have observed with the wind turbines.


Whenever I am driving on the 401 between Chatham and Windsor I notice that the amperage needle moves from 15 amps to about 12 amps.  As soon as I get to an area where the turbines are further from the road the amp gauge returns to a normal reading of 15 amps.  It also seems that wind direction and speed has more effect on the amp gauge.  I don’t know whether this information is of any use or value but it’s something I’ve paid attention to every time I travel that route.  The first time I noticed was during a rain; my wipers almost came to a stop.  When I looked at the gauge it was almost into the discharge area and I thought I was having alternator trouble.  When I got home the gauge was reading normal.  This observance may be nothing but I have no other explanation why this happens.

Robert Stewart


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