Germany’s Wind & Solar Obsession Killing Industry & Thousands of Real Jobs

Germany Suffering from their “Rush to Wind”…



In Germany, around €190 billion has already been burnt on renewable subsidies; currently the green energy levy costs €56 million every day. And, the level of subsidy for wind and solar sees Germans paying €20 billion a year for power that gets sold on the power exchange for around €2 billion.

Energy poverty is a feature of daily life for hundreds of thousands; the promise of millions of groovy ‘green’ jobs is little more than a cruel hoax; and, adding insult to injury, the pretext for the insanity – the reduction of CO2 emissions in the electricity sector – hasn’t quite panned out as Green edicts predicted: emissions are, instead, rising fast (see above and our post here).

German power prices

Then there’s what perverse market incentives for meaningless power sources have done to prices of an essential input to Germany’s industrial sector. Once the envy of the World, German manufacturers have…

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