Wind Power: Dangerous, Expensive, Pointless, Bird, Bat & Community Killer

The biggest scam ever perpetrated on citizens, worldwide!


eagle at waterloo

Producing power with NO commercial value (save the massive taxpayer/power consumer subsidies it attracts); at a cost 3-4 times that of the reliable and secure stuff; spontaneously bursting into flame, throwing 10 tonne blades to the four winds or crashing to Earth in fits of vertical surrender, and along the way prematurely taking more than 160 souls (so far), these things have lost friends and alienated people all over the Globe.

In short, what’s not to like?

Australian author and blogger, Don Aitkin tackles the ‘dilemma’, head on – in this fine piece of analysis.

‘But wouldn’t it be useful to move to alternative energy anyway?’
#9 My perspective on climate change
Don Aitkin
14 April 2016

The quotation in the title of this essay comes from something I noted down in 2010. It was part of a comment somewhere, and it carried the implication that…

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