How Wind Power Outfits ‘Grease’ Their Way to Planning Approvals

Windweasels Will Bribe Their Way Into Your Town!



Every politician has a price, and the wind industry has the uncanny ability of naming it and, when the need arises, stumping it up.

Not necessarily in brown paper bags, though – so-called ‘political donations’ often do the ‘trick’. But there have been plenty of cases where outright bribery has been employed to put the wind industry where it needs to be, politically speaking (see our post here).

Now, it would remiss not to point out that corruption pervades the business/political world in general, but there’s something about the wind industry that makes political ‘grease’ an essential part of its existence. And which generates a particular kind of stench that will easily outlast religion.

The critical need for bribes and donations probably has something to do with the fact that what’s on sale has NO commercial value, save the massive and seemingly endless subsidies these things attract.


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