In the Meme Time

The Wind Scourge…..We have to fight back!


  Plants Love CO2
Why Scientist Disagree about Global Warming

The nastiness of wind power reality comes as such a visceral shock that many lack the moral courage to reject the “green” meme entirely.

Ontario’s anti-democratic Green Energy Act set off a wave of resistance which has unfortunately been hampered by divergent perceptions.

Fundamentally wind warriors fall into one of two camps: those who act as though there has just been some silly siting mistake and those who at least glimpse a bigger picture, don’t like what they see, but do not look away.  

It is daunting to face the fact that the politicians we expected to represent our interests are undermining our individual rights and security!

Ontario is however not alone in having an army of kleptocrats who, under the save-the-planet meme, are stealing our very birthright. Yet such is the case and there are political historians as well as scientists who…

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