Climate Change Probably Won’t Kill You, But Having No Power Certainly Will

Stop Government-induced “Climaphobia”…..


ice age earth As it was 700 million years ago: good job things warmed up a little.


When we see the term ‘AGW’, we understand those that propound it to hold “global warming” as an irrefutable fact. It is, however, a theory with which there is only one problem: and that’s the evidence.

Even the most hysterical have been forced to accept the fact that global surface temperatures have not budged for 18 years, despite human generated CO2 emissions increasing at a rollicking rate: generally referred to as “the pause”. One recent piece STT read on the topic takes us back to our childhood with warnings about, wait for it, another looming ice age:

And it’s the lack of evidence for global warming that appears to have shifted the terminology to “climate change”: a tautology if ever there was one.

Of course, the climate “changes” – change is endogenous…

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