The Foul Stench in Falmouth: Wind Industry Corruption Runs Riot

Corruption and collusion. Tools of the Windweasel trade!


Definition of fraud

As it goes in Falmouth, the wind industry goes everywhere: lying, bullying, bribery and good old fashioned fraud is the order of the day.

Local boy, Frank Haggerty digs the dirt where the popular press fear to tread.

Falmouth wind turbines corruption blows out of control
Wind Action
Frank Haggerty
1 May 2016

The Falmouth “Land Court deal” is so corrupt the news media won’t even print a story. The news media and the government are entwined in a vicious circle of mutual manipulation over the poor placement of wind turbines taking health and property rights. Folks, this story happened April 28 and not one peep from the news media.

In Falmouth, corruption is the province of small men, not political giants. And sometimes the corruption is so ordinary that the corrupt don’t recognize it.

Falmouth today has a very important topic: Is corruption the price you pay…

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