Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario Wind Power Fantasy Doubles Power Prices

Wynne needs to be booted out….ASAP!


wynne Cult leader explains her plans for total economic annihilation.


Ontario was, once upon a time, an agricultural and manufacturing power house.

Alas, the former pursuit has been smashed by plummeting property values and sonic torture, making thousands of farm homes uninhabitable; the latter endeavour has been demolished by power costs that have risen 108% due to the fantasy of trying to rely on weather as a meaningful power source.

We’ll hand over to Parker Gallant for more detail on how Kathleen Wynne and her wind power cult have destroyed a once happy and prosperous Province.

Chiarelli magic: how millions of your dollars are nothing to Wynne government
Wind Concerns Ontario
Parker Gallant
21 April 2016

Energy Minister claims $408 million increase is simply an “aberration” 

When asked about the latest increase in electricity prices coming into effect May 1, 2016, Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli told the Legislature it was…

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