Wind Industry Corruption: Plug Secretly Pulled on Wind Farm Health Investigation

Windweasel/Government Corruption!


Under-the-table transactions...

Back in March STT reported on events in Huron County, Ontario – where, overwhelmed by health complaints, regional authorities appeared to have relented in an effort to gather the evidence of the known and obvious effects of incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound – and to act on it (see our post here).

We pointed out, however, that what was being put forward smacked of tokenism; and that it will be the combination of individuals (victims and properly motivated professionals) – untainted by the influence of government entrenched institutional corruption – that brings the wind industry to account.

Now, the events that have since unfolded in Huron County only add weight to that forlorn prediction.

While the Medical Officer of Health for Huron County, Dr Janice Owen was, no doubt, firmly motivated by her professional, ethical and moral duty to her fellow citizens – to get to the…

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