South Australia’s Wind Powered Train Wreck: SA’s Business Leaders Warn Other States – ‘It’s Your Turn Next’

Wind Scam Fallout….


turbine rotor germany

Only the Germans could come up with a single word to capture the churlish sentiment of feeling a sense of malicious glee at another’s downfall.  However, to STT the gleeful component of ‘schadenfreude’ is tempered with the realisation that there is no escape for any Australian from the debacle, in which South Australians now find themselves mired for practical eternity.

South Australia’s power supply and pricing calamity was inevitable and perfectly predictable – STT was spelling it out 3 years ago: The Great Watt and Pole Swindle and It’s only a RORT if you’re not in on it

As the mainstream press continued to throw the spotlight on South Australia’s energy debacle, its witless Energy Minister, Tom Koutsantonis resorted to punch-drunk threats to his counterparts in other states that the disaster playing out on his own patch will soon befall them too.  It’s the one point on which Koutsantonis is…

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