Guardian Accuses UNESCO of a Further Climate Coverup

Climate Alarmists Lie Through Their Teeth!

Watts Up With That?

Flag of the United Nations, Public Domain Image Flag of the United Nations, Public Domain Image

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

WUWT recently reported how UNESCO allegedly yielded to pressure from the Australian Government, to clumsily excise criticism of Aussie management of the Great Barrier Reef from a climate report. The coverup PR disaster has just become even worse – The Guardian is now accusing UNESCO and the Australian Government, of conniving to try to cover up the coverup, to conceal details of how the coverup was arranged.

UN tries to hide involvement in deleting Australia from its climate report

In May, Unesco published a report with the UN’s environment program, Unep, and the Union of Concerned Scientists about the impact of climate change on world heritage sites, which were also major tourist attractions.

Australia was the only continent not mentioned, despite being home to several important sites, including the Great Barrier Reef, which were being heavily…

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