SA’s Wind Power Debacle: Opportunity Knocks for More Subsidy-Sucking Rent Seekers

Windweasels still Pushing Their Novelty Energy, as the “Real Thing”!


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Investment is not always good
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Judith Sloan
29 July 2016

Since the return of the Labor-lite Turnbull government – or should that just be Labor – the rent-seekers in the renewable energy space have been out and about.

No doubt, the South Australian debacle has thrown a spanner in the works, but the latest propaganda from the renewable energy is that the price spike and the high forward electricity prices in SA are not the fault of over-investment in renewables – blame gas and the lack of interconnection with other states.

If only the interconnectors with the other states were there and/or bigger, then the problem would never have arisen.  The fact that the rent-seekers don’t see the hypocrisy of this statement is staggering: after all, what the interconnectors do is to deliver reliable, low cost electricity sourced from coal.

And by the way, these interconnectors don’t come…

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