Irish Eyes Ain’t Smiling: Wind Power Push Sends Power Prices Into Orbit

Wind Energy Crippling Another Economy…


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The political lunatics in charge of Ireland’s wind powered energy debacle are about to reap the reality of what they have sown.

Despite all that puff and guff about wind power being free, and getting cheaper all the time, the Irish have just been told that the Public Service Obligation (a levy tacked on power bills to subsidise wind power) is about to rocket.

The result means that households in the Emerald Isle will be crushed, paying an additional 20% on their power bills; small businesses will be belted out of existence with an eye-watering annual increase in their power bills of 18.5%; and its medium to large users will be slugged, where it really hurts, with an additional 23.5% – on top of power costs that already come close to the top of the European power price pyramid:


Predictably, the businesses that use the stuff (and employ people in real jobs)…

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