Why Wind Power is Slaughtering South Australia: In-a-Nutshell

Wind Energy…..nothing more than an inefficient novelty!



South Australia is where the wind industry got going in Australia; and the inevitable and disastrous results of South Australia’s ludicrous attempt to run itself on the whims of the weather mean that South Australia is the place where the wind industry meets its doom.

No commercial power retailer in their right mind is going to sign up to a long-term power purchase agreement with a wind power outfit from here on; and, accordingly, no commercial banker is going to extend the finance needed to erect any more of these things, anywhere.  Save a handful of projects backed with guaranteed contracts with the ACT government and funded by subsidised loans from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, windfarm construction is at a standstill (see this moan from The Australian today).

In a week when the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers were reduced to hopeful and delusional ranting, it…

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