The Lunacy of Trying to Run on Wind Power

Wind energy….nothing more than an expensive novelty!



The Lunacy of Pledging to Eliminate Fossil Fuel Use since Wind and Solar Are Not the Answer to Much of Anything
Carlin Economics and Science
Alan Carlin
5 August 2016

Greatly increased human prosperity in some areas of the world over the last 150 years can be traced in large part to progressively greater access to and use of more efficient and more reliable energy sources to supplement human efforts.

This progress has been encouraged and shaped by the market economy because it met human needs. If left entirely to market forces, wind and solar energy would only fill a few niche markets rather than being the Democratic Party’s primary means for implementing its energy policy objectives.

Recent increased government interference in energy markets has already brought many of the well known problems that often result from such interference such as political opportunism (think corn ethanol), taxpayer subsidies for the…

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