‘GUILTY’: South Australia’s Statewide Blackout Caused by Deliberate Wind Farm Shutdown

Wind Turbines are Novelty Energy….and the “Novelty”, has Worn Off!



For STT, laying out the facts that disclose the greatest environmental and economic fraud of all time has been a labour of love.

When we kicked off on Boxing Day 2012, STT was a lone voice in a vast wilderness: almost every man or woman claiming the mantle ‘journalist’ had ‘drunk the Kool-Aid’ – and if not an actual card-carrying member of the wind cult, almost every one of them championed the cause of wind power or they were simply dying to engage in what became a ‘look-at-me’ routine of public virtue signalling and moral posturing in print and over the airwaves.

Journalists piled in on a wanton love-fest: not only could these things do no wrong, anyone who had the temerity to say so was hounded and vilified by their peers for their troubles – over the last week or two the ABC’s Chris Uhlmann has copped a pasting…

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