Wind Turbine Generated Vibrations Wrecking Ontario’s Groundwater Supply

Water Supplies Threatened by Wind Turbines…



In the ‘what’s not to like about wind power?’ category, here’s a story from Ontario: the Canadian province that its loony-green-left Government has turned into a pin-cushion, sporting thousands of these things that have destroyed entire rural communites.

Now, it’s their precious underground water supplies that are being destroyed by wind turbine generated vibrations.

Ontario residents say wind farm vibrations threaten groundwater
The Western Producer
Jeffrey Carter
15 September 2016

CHATHAM-KENT, Ont. — Vibrations from wind turbines, a phenomena known as seismic coupling, is being blamed for sedimentation in more than 20 water wells in this southwestern Ontario municipality.

More than 460 rural residents have signed a petition, which was presented to the municipal council Aug. 22, asking for a moratorium on further development.

Thousands of dollars have been raised to help Kevin Jakubec make an appeal to halt the latest wind farm, approved June 29 under Ontario’s Green Energy…

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