Vermont in Open Revolt Against Wind Power Developers

Politicians need to fight the windscam with citizens!


RIDGELINE DEFENDERS: Local resident Christine Lang and Republican gubernatorial candidate Phil Scott discuss their opposition to a proposal to build seven giant wind turbines on Rocky Ridge behind them. Christine Lang and Republican candidate Phil Scott
join forces to protect Vermont’s Rocky Ridge.


Vermont has become a political battle ground, as political hopefuls team up with dogged community defenders. Republican candidate for Governor has called the great wind power fraud for what it is; much to the delight of Vermont’s rural communities. Here’s the latest from Vermont’s battle front.

Phil Scott vows to protect ridgelines against Big Wind if elected governor
Vermont Watchdog
Michael Bielawski
9 September 2016

SWANTON, Vt. — Facing the prospect of having seven 499-foot industrial turbines built on their prized Rocky Ridge hillside, local residents stood with Republican gubernatorial candidate Phil Scott to declare opposition to the project.

On Thursday, as wind energy developers Travis and Ashley Belisle filed an application for a certificate of public good with the Public Service Board, a crowd of residents, activists, state lawmakers and candidates for office stood with Scott as he doubled-down on his pledge to stop new…

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