Power Price Punishment Forces Ontario to Hit Reverse on Wind Power Push

Novelty Energy….Not fit for “Prime Time”!



Terence Corcoran: Ontario Liberals’ huge green energy about-face shows renewables aren’t so doable after all
Financial Post
Terence Corcoran
28 September 2016

One should never underestimate the ability of politicians to convert massive policy failure into a dazzling display of green concern for the welfare of voters. That’s the trick now being attempted by the Liberal government of Ontario as it begins to unravel parts of its financially disastrous green energy program.

Glenn Thibeault, the province’s latest energy minister, on Tuesday read through the script provided by the spin-meisters within Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government. The province, he said in a speech to the Ontario Energy Association, had decided to “suspend procurement” of 1,000 additional megawatts of unneeded wind and solar power. The cancellation is “expected to save $3.8 billion in electricity system costs,” thereby saving a typical residential consumer “an average of approximately $2.45 per month.”

Only a government can…

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