How South Australia’s Wind Power Obsession Sent Power Prices Rocketing & Killed Grid Reliability

The Calamity Caused by Novelty Wind Energy in South Australia!


sa-blackout-adelaide Adelaide, 28 September 2016: the wind ‘powered’ Capital of Australia …


For over 15 years, the Australian wind industry, its parasites and spruikers held up South Australia as the perfect example of what a wind powered future would look like: the economic basket case even earned the mantle of ‘Australia’s wind power capital’.

Now that their dreams have become a daily South Australian nightmare, it’s little wonder that those who were forced to swallow smug and sanctimonious moral posturing from members of the wind cult in the media – and the band of subsidy-seeking criminals, chancers and spivs that fed them the drivel they gladly parroted – have responded with that delightful sense of malicious glee at another’s downfall, that probably only the Germans could capture in a single word: ‘schadenfreude’.

Lunatics from the hard green-left have long-targeted economically conservative journalists, like Chris Kenny and Andrew Bolt with a…

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