Irish Fury Mounts: Protesters Mob Dáil Éireann Demanding an End to Pointless, Subsidised Wind Power

Gotta’ Love those “Fighting Irish”! Fighting the Wind Scourge!



Easter uprising, Dublin, April 2014.


Over the millennia, the Irish have suffered their fair share of merciless oppression. But, whatever the agent of their misery, their antagonists are guaranteed of one thing: the Irish fight.

And so it is with the wind industry, as it brazenly attempts to carpet every last inch of the Emerald Isle.

One wind industry strategy is to simply grind down its opponents, by buying political favour and greasing the palms of naïve and gullible journalists to constantly lambast and ridicule pro-farming and pro-community defenders as a bunch of red-necked, climate change denying, NIMBYs.

While the wind industry may have hoped that strategy would play out in its favour in Ireland, communities are as angry, if not angrier, than ever about the manner in which wind power outfits have ridden roughshod over their basic human rights – such as the right to sleep, live in…

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