South Australians Turn on Wind Power & Plump for an Atomic Future Instead

Love to hear stories of sanity returning to the governments…


sa-blackout-adelaide Now, that got their attention: lights out, Adelaide, 28.9.16.


In the 1940s, South Australian Legend, Tom Playford (Premier for 26 years from 1938 to 1965) took a natural gift, in the form of vast untapped reserves of brown coal located at Leigh Creek, directed it through power plants at Port Augusta and, with its cheap and reliable power supply, built a mining, manufacturing and industrial power house: from 1946 to 1965, the proportion of South Australians connected to electricity increased from 70% to 96%; and over that time the population almost doubled from around 600,000 prior to WWII to over 1.1 million when he hung up his political gloves in 1965 (see our post here).

Fifty years on, how times have changed.

Isolated, parochial and run by morally bankrupt idiots, South Australia is at a crossroads: its hapless Labor government – utterly obsessed with wind power – is incapable…

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