It’s Really a ‘Gas’: Microsoft Caught Pretending to Run its Servers on Wind Power

Nothing can run on wind alone, unless you can do without it, when the wind is not blowing at the right speed!



Microsoft Buys Tons Of Wind Power, Complete With Back Up Generators
The Daily Caller
Andrew Follett
14 November 2016

Tech giant Microsoft announced Monday that it has signed a deal to power its American data centers with wind energy, despite the inherent unreliability of the technology.

The tech company announced two new contracts representing 237 megawatts of wind power generating capacity, backed up by several natural gas generators to compensate for the unreliability. Microsoft did not disclose the amount of money they spent purchasing the wind power or the natural gas backup.

“These agreements represent progress toward our goal of improving the energy mix at our data centers,” Brad Smith, Microsoft’s president, said in the company statement.

Microsoft isn’t the first tech company to purchase large amounts of wind power. Google made a similar purchase back in 2013, but didn’t end up actually using any of the energy because it wasn’t…

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One thought on “It’s Really a ‘Gas’: Microsoft Caught Pretending to Run its Servers on Wind Power

  1. Money can buy anything. We are finding that out in Henry County Indiana. Our elected (use that term loosely) officials have sold us all down the river. We have been fighting the projects of Industrial Wind Turbines here for quite a long time now. The President of the Economic Development Committee, recently told a citizen, “if you are worried about property values, the why don’t you put your farm up for sale now and move out of the county.” This is the attitude of all the county officials. They have been bought and sold. Way to go Microsoft. I will no longer use your products. Wind ……climate change……global warming….etc. are the biggest money scams our government has ever committed, so far. I also refuse to spend any money in Henry County Indiana, only will patronize those businesses who support our cause.

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