Blackouts & Bushfires: South Australia’s Wind Power Disaster Puts Thousands of Jobs & Lives at Mortal Risk



After what, for now, can be referred to as South Australia’s most recent mass blackout, Adelaide’s The Advertiser has finally woken up to the fact that the South Australian obsession with wind power has placed the economically battered State in a category alongside North Korea, sub-Saharan Africa and Cuba.

With the passing of Cuba’s long-time tormentor, Fidel Castro, STT couldn’t help but note that Castro was able to reliably guarantee Cubans would receive power every day (albeit for a single measly hour), something that South Australia’s vapid Premier, Jay Weatherill has no hope of matching this summer.

Here is a run of articles that spell out just exactly what a disaster South Australia’s wind power experiment has become.

Totally Powerless: Alarm Rises at Bushfire and Job Risk
The Advertiser
Cameron England & Paul Starick
2 December 2016

Biggest employer’s shock job warning on SA electricity crisis & Labor concedes more…

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