Frydenberg’s Folly: Australia’s Renewable Energy Target Destined to be Capped or Scrapped

The sooner we end the windscam, the better!!



When a policy is unsustainable, either it will collapse under its own ponderous weight, or its promoters will eventually be forced to scrap it.

Australia’s Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target is just such a policy.

In the cutting British satire, Extras, the hapless Andy Millman (Ricky Gervais) is always foiled by his gormless but lovable side-kick, Maggie Jacobs (Ashley Jensen).

Maggie, when she’s not inadvertently ruining Andy’s romantic hopes and/or acting career prospects, poses puzzling rhetoricals such as “would you rather be trampled by elephants or eaten by lions?”

The Maggie Jacob’s conundrum facing Josh Frydenberg, the Federal Energy and Environment Minister, is would you rather face an electorate seething over the imposition of a $20 billion Federal government fine tacked on top of retail power bills (because the ultimate 33,000 GWh LRET can never be met); or would you rather face an electorate who, like long-suffering South…

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