Malicious Torture: Macarthur Wind Farm Neigbours Continue to Suffer, as AGL Dodges Damning Acoustic Evidence

Wind Industry Refuses to do Testing Necessary to Discover Cause of Symptoms Experienced by Residents Living Near Wind Turbines in the Macarthur Wind Project



The incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound from AGL’s Macarthur wind farm in western Victoria has been driving neighbours nuts or out of their homes since December 2012.

Having been lied to and bullied for just as long, one of AGL’s victims (and an STT Champion) Annie Gardner let rip with this stinging rebuke, published in their local rag.

What does AGL have to hide regarding the Macarthur Wind Project?
Hamilton Spectator
Annie Gardner
7 January 2017

For over two years now I have been requesting AGL engage Steven Cooper of The Acoustic Group in Sydney (who carried out the Cape Bridgewater wind farm study) to undertake full spectrum noise testing at our property and others around the Macarthur Wind Farm, along with concurrent personal health monitoring, to determine once and for all what is causing so many people ongoing pain and suffering as a result of proximity to…

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