Trudeau’s Politics of Pain: Canadians Suffer Rocketing Power Prices Due to Subsidised Wind Power

The Liberals are Destroying our Country, and our Province, in Ontario…


trudeau Trudeau pummels Canada’s poorest with rocketing power bills.


A couple of weeks ago, former Australian PM, Tony Abbott went to press, slamming Australia’s business and family killing Renewable Energy Target and calling for an end to subsidised wind power. Abbott quite properly observed that:

“The first rule of government should be to do no harm. Right now, the government must avoid all policy-induced hits on people’s cost of living and all policy-induced hits on the cost of doing business.”

STT concurs.

Politicians these days tend to live cosseted lives, immune from the pressures of running a business or struggling to make ends meet in a low income household.

Surrounded by sycophant advisers (most with Arts/Law degrees, still wet behind the ears – intellectual infants, who’ve never raised a sweat in their inner city based lives), modern apparatchiks are so removed from the proletariat that they could be no…

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