Turnbull Turns: Australia’s Federal Government Backs HELE Coal-Fired Power Plants


hele-ultrasupercriticalcoalchina HELE plant, ultrasupercritical to generating votes in coal-rich Queensland.


Australia’s Federal government is led by the patrician and aloof, Malcolm Turnbull. A former investment banker and, before that, trusted Consigliere to media heavyweight, the late Kerry Packer, Turnbull is grappling with a renewable energy target that is set to destroy once profitable and productive Australian businesses and punish Australian families for generations to come.

A week or so back, we reported on Malcolm’s move to finance the construction of high efficiency, low emissions (HELE) coal-fired power plant: Turnbull’s Reliable Power Play: Australian PM Pushes Coal-Fired Future

At a political level, the plan to back coal is obviously directed at garnering blue collar votes in coal-rich Queensland, where the Liberal National Party are bracing for a drubbing at the expense of One Nation at the upcoming State election.

In a speech to the National Press Club last Wednesday, the PM…

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