Why the ‘Transition’ to Wind & Solar is Nothing More than a Cruel Marketing Myth

Novelty energy will never replace the real thing!


sa-blackout-adelaide Adelaide’s wind power ‘transition’ in full swing: 28.9.16.


The propaganda wings of the wind and solar industry have a lot to answer for, not least repeated and violent abuses of the English language.

We are repeatedly beguiled by tales about our ‘transition’ to an all renewable future; and about how wind power is ‘free’ and getting cheaper all the time. However, the ‘transition’ is more like the path the perdition as power prices skyrocket driven there by colossal and seemingly endless renewable subsidies. Moreover, there is the not so minor issue of routine load shedding and blackouts, which has become part of the ordinary daily grind in Australia’s ‘wind power capital’, South Australia.

Then there are ripping little catchphrases such as “battery storage is improving all the time”. There is no such thing as the grid scale storage of electricity: no such system exists anywhere in the world, nor…

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