Chaotic & Costly: Subsidised Wind Power Killing South Australian Business


olympic dam

BHP being battered by SA’s wind power obsession.


As an economy, South Australia is so far under water it’s drowning, not waving.

Battered by an erratic power supply and prices which have doubled in the last 12 months, South Australia’s few remaining industrial businesses are besides themselves.

Power policies a threat to nation: business chiefs
The Australian
Matt Chambers and Andrew White
23 February 2017

The heads of some of the nation’s biggest companies have blasted the chaotic state of the power grid, saying renewables targets need to be curbed and baseload power ­developed to prevent job losses.

BHP Billiton chief executive Andrew Mackenzie, who took a $US105 million ($137m) cost hit at the Olympic Dam copper and uranium mine in South Australia after recent blackouts, says ­renewable energy schemes could raise costs and reduce power ­security while having no impact on emissions.

The head of the world’s biggest…

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