Renewables Revolt: Australians Refuse to Pay One Cent More for Wind & Solar

Novelty Energy Hits the Financial “Brick Wall”!



Among the mantras that feature in wind industry propaganda is the line about Australians being all in favour of renewable energy.

That may well be.

However, the wind cult are having a hard time convincing the thousands of South Australians who are often left sitting freezing or boiling in the dark – whenever wind power output collapses on a routine, total and totally unpredictable basis – that its fleet of whirling wonders represents any kind of future, at all.

And now it seems that, despite the ‘love’ they are purported to have professed to pollsters, the vast majority of Australians are not prepared to pay one red cent more for that warm fuzzy feeling that is said to come from knowing that your fridge, air-conditioner and giant flatscreen TV is being run on either sunshine or breezes.

Newspoll: 45 per cent won’t pay more for energy renewables
The Australian

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