Power Costs Crippling Business: Australia’s Renewable Target is an Economic Suicide Pact


In much the same way that a multiple truck and car pileup on a freeway draws a growing throng of gawping onlookers, Australia’s energy debacle is attracting a whole new class of journalist to the mounting carnage.

The latest to join them is the dour and humourless Paul Kelly. Kelly, Editor-at-Large for The Australian has hitherto been one of those journalists who would rather wash his mouth out with soap, than write a single harsh word about renewable energy.

Probably because every other columnist from The Australian with an interest in energy has turned on Australia’s Large-Scale RET and subsidised wind power with a vengeance, Kelly has finally decided to go with the flow. It becomes harder to sit on the fence when all your colleagues are kicking it to the ground.

While Paul Kelly deserves criticism for his tacit support of the greatest subsidy rort in Australian history, we…

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