Australia’s Renewable Energy Disaster Was Both Predictable & Avoidable

Novelty Energy…. It was a faux-green pipe dream for many, and a huge cash cow, for the wind scammers!


Matt Zema speaks volumes from the grave…


In this collection from Quadrant, Jo Nova and The Australian one solid theme emerges: Australia’s energy crisis is entirely self-inflicted and thus it was perfectly avoidable.

Among those who saw it coming was Matt Zema – then chief of the Australian Energy Market Operator, who shuffled off this mortal coil way too soon. Before he left us, Matt predicted precisely what was in store for South Australians, as a result of the Federal government’s Large-Scale RET and South Australia’s hapless Labor government’s obsession with wind power.

A Dead Man Warns of a Dying Grid
Quadrant Online
Alan Moran
3 April 2017

Not long before his sudden and premature death, Australian Energy Market Operator chief Matt Zema spoke candidly at a private conference of power-industry executives. The enormous subsidies heaped on renewables, he said, mean one thing and only one thing: “The system…

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