UK Government Conceals Staggering Cost of Wind Power Subsidies

Without enormous subsidies, the windscam would already be over!


As STT keeps pointing out, it is the staggering cost of subsidising intermittent and unreliable wind power (for which there is no market in the absence of Soviet era mandates) that ultimately destroys the wind industry.

Quite apparently aware of that fact, the UK government has sought to keep the lid on the figures which would allow power punters and the voting public to reach the inevitable conclusion. Here’s John Constable from the Global Warming Policy Foundation seeking to lift the lid on the horrifying numbers.

Is the UK Government Concealing ‘Very High’ Renewables System Cost Estimates?GWPF
Dr John Constable: GWPF Energy Editor
27 March 2017

After an unexplained delay of a year since completion the UK’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has published (24.03.17) a report by Frontier Economics on the total system costs of uncontrollably variable renewable generators, a topic of crucial importance in…

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