Australia’s Renewable Policy Destroying Jobs: Miners Facing Power Price & Supply Crisis


Australia’s enviable prosperity isn’t due to sunshine and breezes, it’s down to iron ore, coal and a bevy of other minerals including copper and uranium of the kind being gouged out of the ground by BHP Billiton at Roxby Downs in South Australia’s North (see above).

How long Australia maintains its wealth is down to energy and what happens next. Its renewable policy has destroyed once reliable and affordable supplies and those in charge of the businesses that critically depend on such a supply are besides themselves with frustration and anxiety.

One of them is Glencore’s Peter Freyberg. We’ll hand over to Eric Worrall for a pointed introduction and then to the AFR for a warning that may have come all too late.

Multinational Warning: Australia Has Passed a Renewable Energy “Tipping Point”
Watts up with that?
Eric Worrall
9 May 2017

Multinational Mining Giant Glencore has warned of job…

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